Not Used: GREAT Custom content from Arbor Falls module (By Worm)

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Not Used: GREAT Custom content from Arbor Falls module (By Worm) Empty Not Used: GREAT Custom content from Arbor Falls module (By Worm)

Post by Ryudo_Tenjin on Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:06 am

Well, a friend of mine told me about a module named Arbor Falls, created by a guy nicknamed as Lord of Worms, DM-Worm, Worm, etc.

The module has INCREDIBLY realistic terrains, and some modifications to the standard NWN creatures... The zombies, orcs, lichs, etc are trully more realistic.
The module has a lot of new heads, helmets, armors, and stuff too.

The only bad thing... The module is not working well with the last version of the CEP. (The original module don't use CEP, but I've modified it so it can use it... But some creature textures causes conflicts, etc.).

It would be GREAT if the new version of the CEP would have all that Worm created for Arbor Falls... The heads, helmets, creatures, armors, weapons, etc.

Another bad thing is that Worm's haks replace (If you're using it) some of the default weapons or creatures of the NWN.

I trully don't understand much about how the CEP or custom content works, Hak creation, and stuff...

But I thought it would be GREAT, really great, if you, who have created such a masterwork the CEP is, could add to your next version (If you're planning to create a new one) the Arbor Falls haks, modifying them to not replace the original ones... Instead of that, to add more custom content to the ones that you added in the CEP.

Hmmm it's hard for me to explain it in english (I'm from Argentina, so I actually speak not much english)... What I mean is, if you have the CEP you will find that for example in the helmet section you have "Helm_01, helm_02, helm_03... etc.). When you use Arbor Falls haks, the Helm_02 is replaced by the Arbor Falls helm...
If you can set the code number of that new helm to another number, like helm_19 for example, it won't replace the original one...

And, if you do it with all the custom content of Arbor Falls, you can have for example the default zombies... And the new ones in palette. The default armors, and the new ones... The default CEP heads, and the new ones...

So you'll have the standard NWN content + The CEP 2.4 (or 2.5, 6, 7 whatever the new version will be) Custom Content + The Arbor Falls Content (But it won't replace any of the standard NWN or the CEP content, it will be just MORE custom content).

You should check the Arbor Falls module, download it, and download all of the haks... And you'll understand why I insist so much on adding it... It's extremely realistic!

Here is the link for the vault:

And here is the link for the Arbor Falls page, so you can watch images of the module, and stuff


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